Green title: good quality translation
Orange title: medium quality translation
Red title: bad quality translation
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This online service compares the automatically translations delivered by Google Translate, Babel Fish, Bing, SYSTRANet, InterTran and on the bases of the results, it is calculated the translation fidelity level, that ca be visualized through a color code:
  • Green – good quality translation
  • Orange - medium quality translation
  • Red - bad quality translation
If the color code of the two online translations provider coincides, the best translation is on first position.
The translated texts can not overpass 5.000 characters. Some of online translation motors has inferior limits to this character number.

How to use of this service:
  • Write or copy the text for translation in the text field.
  • Choose the pair of languages from the lists: select the source (the language of translation) and the destination (the language for translation). You can change the sense of your selection with a single click on the flesh located between the lists. Depending on the pairs of languages chosen, it will appear a list with all compatible translation suppliers.
  • Select the suppliers you want to translate your text.
  • Press the Translation button
  • The translations will appear under the button "Translation", according to its quality level.

If you enjoyed this free online translation service, contact us for a professional translation certified by experienced translators.

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  • The service does not respond due to communication errors.

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